Why VeriSign EV SSL Certificates Are Good

    Most companies that have websites with the ability to conduct online operations know firsthand the problems associated with user confidence in web resources, such as: a large number of pending transactions (including abandoned “personal baskets” in online stores), reluctance Provide confidential information, including credit card numbers, etc.

    VeriSIgn Extended Validation SSL Certificates solve many of the problems described.
    1. The ability to increase user confidence in the site
    VeriSign Extended Validation certificates allow users of modern browsers to instantly understand whether they are accessing a legitimate site or not. When accessing a site protected by VeriSign Extended Validation certificate, the address bar of the browser turns green, additionally displaying the name of the company to which the site is being accessed.
    Example: Internet Explorer 8.0

    Statistics on the use of VeriSign Extended Validation certificates shows that after installing these certificates, the number of pending transactions is significantly reduced and the buying activity of users on the site increases. 97% of respondents were ready to provide credit card numbers when they noticed that the address bar is green. More importantly: 77% of respondents were not ready to provide confidential information on the site if they noticed that the address bar used to be highlighted in green, but not this time. This is an effective way to combat phishing.
    2. Ability to issue new certificates in 5 minutes
    Managing the public key infrastructure manually is a very time-consuming process, often leading to errors, delays and financial losses in case of untimely renewal of the certificate. VeriSign MPKI Management Service provides a complete certificate management cycle for the infrastructure, including registration, approval, issuance, renewal and revocation of certificates. Thanks to process automation, issuing a new certificate through MPKI takes 5 minutes. VeriSign MPKI not only simplifies the process through automation, which is especially important for infrastructures that include dozens, hundreds and more servers, but also allows you to purchase sets of
    certificates at a discount.
    3. Confidence that your site does not contain malicious code
    Symantec scans daily sites that are secured with the VeriSign Trust Seal (a component provided to all users of VeriSign SSL certificates). If a malicious code is detected, the site owners will be informed about the incident. Troubleshooting eliminates the likelihood of getting into the "black" lists of search engines, and also does not spoil the company's image in the eyes of customers.
    4. Confidence of users of the site in their safety.
    On sites scanned by Symantec, it is possible to display VeriSign Trust Seal tags.
    Studies show that this trust sign confirms the legitimacy of the site in the eyes of users, allowing you to increase the number of online transactions on sites by an average of 17.8%.
    5. Increase traffic to your site
    Increasing website traffic is one of the important tools used by marketing to stimulate the growth of online businesses. Functionality Seal-In-Search allows you to display a symbol of trust in the site in the search results. Studies show that the Seal-In-Search symbol of trust makes a link more visible, which makes it more likely for users to visit it.

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