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John Tolkien, the author of The Lord of the Rings and a respected professor at Oxford, used mostly a bicycle as a transport. On it, in any weather, he went to lectures from his house near the university. The family could afford a car (and subsequently bought it after all), but the two-wheeled transport was Tolkien’s personal protest against industrialization and its fruits: the destruction of green corners and the decline of a traditional English village.

Today, loyalty to the "pedal horse" for many also remains an expression of the idea: for some, a protest against parking problems and high taxes; for others, to protect an eco-friendly or healthy lifestyle. In this case, cyclists every year more and more, and bicycles - more perfect and more expensive. Two-wheeled vehicles are produced not only by specialized brands, but also by such automobile giants as BMW, Land Rover, Mini, Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot, Skoda and even Ferrari. And the price of two-wheel premium devices is comparable to the cost of a car.

There is also an extensive market of bicycle gadgets and accessories that perform a variety of functions - from ensuring safety to caring for the “undercarriage” of a bicycle. We have made for you a selection of the most interesting and useful.


Although bicycles in the world are sold annually more than cars, not all countries are ready to create infrastructure for them. Therefore, cyclists have to share the roadway with cars. The main problem here is the visibility of two-wheeled vehicles on the road at night. Gadget makers are ready to solve this problem in different ways.

1. Bike Lumos

The development of a Boston startup Lumos Helmet not only protects the wearer's head when it falls, but also provides light signals. The helmet has 48 LEDs of white, red and yellow light, which make the cyclist noticeable on the road and signal turning and stopping.

As the developers explain, the red brake light on the back of the helmet lights up automatically when the bike brakes. A "turn signals" (yellow flashing signals to the left and right of the "stop") are manually activated using the buttons on the steering wheel. Integration with Apple Watch will help you turn them on automatically, with a hand signal. In addition, on the front of the helmet are white LEDs that make the cyclist noticeable in the rearview mirror. The helmet has a mobile application that records the distance traveled.

As the team members comment, their development will allow vehicles with and without a motor to coexist comfortably on the road. The helmet is already sold on the project website and on Amazon . Price - $ 179.99

2. FireFly clips

Diode "fireflies", which are mounted on sneakers, perform the same mission - to make you noticeable on the road. The development of the sports brand Schatzii cannot boast of smart functions and a variety of modes, but it also costs much less: $ 20 when ordering from the manufacturer's website .

The mini-device, which is completely called “FireFly Running and Biking Safety Lights”, is a horseshoe-shaped plastic clip that attaches to the heel of sports shoes. They give a bright enough light so that the cyclist or runner is clearly visible in the dark. The fireflies have two modes of luminescence (constant and flickering) and one universal size. Turn on, turn off and select the mode manually, and the battery lasts about 100 hours of continuous operation.

3. Revoligths wheel lighting

All types of wheel lights - from katafot to diode belts - make the bike noticeable from the side, which is important when driving through intersections. And the developers of Revoligths went even further. Their device also works in combination with a front lamp and a brake light, and at the same time it looks very stylish.

The Revoligths Highlights consist of four hoops that are mounted in pairs on wheels; batteries, accelerometer and software complex. There are 12 LEDs on the hoops. While driving, the LEDs light up, but at the same time only 6 of them are lit - those that are currently ahead. This creates an unusual effect of "light arches". Diodes on the front wheel are white; they are pretty good on the way. And in the background - red, and they play the role of a stoplight.

The system is available on the manufacturer's website.. The cost of the base model is $ 149; For $ 249, an improved version is available - with an application for a smartphone and with the function of turn signals.

Rider monitoring

Making the bike visible is only the first step. Other gadgets are ready to surround the rider with around-the-clock care and continuously monitor its condition.

4. ICE drop sensor

ICEdot Crash Sensor - a device created in 2012, but successfully passed the test of time and modifications. This is a small gadget that is mounted on the helmet. Using the accelerometer, it monitors the impacts, potentially dangerous to the life and health of the cyclist, and instantly sends alerts and GPS-coordinates to people from the "emergency list" via SMS. The device also contains information about the carrier for doctors: name, document number, individual intolerance to drugs. All settings can be set using a smartphone app.

Cost ICEdot Crash Sensor - $ 99. Another manufacturer offers bracelets and ID tags that contain information about the cyclist. To receive it, you need to send an 8-digit PIN code to ICEdot using free SMS.

5. Smart Pedals Connected Cycle

Pedal Connected Cycle tracks the position of the bike using GPS. This is a fitness tracker and beacon in one device. While you are riding, she will write down the path and count the calories burned, and if the bike “left” from its owner, she will help to track its position and return it to its place.

Inside the small case there are hidden GPS and GPRS, Bluetooth modules, an accelerometer and a SIM card for alarming. And still the battery charged during the movement, and own memory of the device: it is not necessary to carry a smartphone with you. However, active cycling users have many questions about the design, practicality and ergonomics of the Connected Cycle. The announced price of the gadget on sale is $ 200.

6. iMDrink Water Bottle

In early May, a company from Hong Kong, Egami Production Company, presented a prototype of a “smart bottle” for water. The device is integrated with the application; it “remembers” how much water you drank today and what percentage of it was from the daily norm.

Now the project is leading a campaign on Kickstarter , but with very dubious success. Perhaps the price is to blame: the gadget is on pre-order $ 299.

7. Hammerhead Navigator

Startup Hammerhead from New Jersey solved the problem of using the navigator for the bike. Automobile devices do not cope well with the task: the sound signals are hard to hear in the city noise, and the visual symbols on the screen distract attention from the road. In the development called Hammerhead Karoo, the light indication is used - the same as in aircraft navigators: the flashing LEDs will tell you where to turn and where to take to the left. The price of the device on the manufacturer's website is $ 119.

Iron Horse Gadgets

8. Chain lubrication system Scottoiler CYCLE S1

Scottoiler has been producing automatic lubrication systems for motorcycles for several years. These are devices that supply fluid to the circuit while driving, helping to protect it from water, sand, dirt, and other aggressive environmental factors. In 2015, the company launched a similar project for bicycles and brought it to Kikstarter. Alas, the required amount could not be collected. But Scottoiler promised that they would not abandon the project and would look for other sources of funding. News can be tracked on the company's website .

9. Smart parking locks

The Skylock device is not just a lock, but a miniature security system. It has a solar battery (12 hours of charging provide 6 months of work), an integrated antenna and a Bluetooth module. The lock informs the owner about hacking attempts and sends a message in the event of a traffic incident. And you can open it only with a smartphone or a combination of keys on the end. The manufacturer did not forget to mention that high-strength steel is used for Skylock. The price of the castle is $ 199.

A similar device called Bitlock will be a little cheaper - $ 129. He has the same functions, plus is able to record the passed track.

10. Charging The Atom

The good old Dynamo gained a new life in the development of the company Siva Cycle. They invented an easy and energy-efficient generator that will allow you to charge gadgets from rotating the wheels of a bicycle. According to the developers, the device is suitable for those who love long distances, and for urban cyclists. You can order it on Amazon for $ 58.99.

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