Mono developers founded the commercial company Xamarin

    An example of Red Hat and MySQL showed that Open Source can be a good source of income, if you get it right. The main developer of the Mono project, Miguel de Icas, with colleagues, also decided to go along the beaten track and earn some money, in which we can all wish him success. On Monday, he announced the founding of the commercial company Xamarin . Here's what they plan to do:
    • New commercial implementation of .NET for iOS
    • New commercial implementation of .NET for Android
    • Continued development and support of the open components Mono and Moonlight. “You can call it International Mono Support,” Miguel says, alluding to her past project, International Gnome Support (Helix Code, Ximian)
    • Explore the possibilities of using Moonlight for mobile devices and the Mac AppStore.
    The work of the new company has already begun. First of all, they plan to make a stack for the iPhone, then for Android, and then port Moonlight to both platforms.

    New .NET versions for iPhone and Android will be compatible with MonoTouch and Mono for Android. Like those versions, they will be distributed as commercial products made on top of the open-source Mono kernel.

    To more accurately formulate a list of directions, Miguel de Icaza asks all interested developers to fill out a questionnaire . This will help the company understand what needs to be worked on first.

    Miguel de Icassa recalls that all the developers have long discussed and agreed that it is better to develop Mono as a separate company, and not under the Novell wing. However, after a year of efforts to implement this plan, it did not work out. Even worse, on May 2, 2011, Attachmate (the owner of Novell's assets) fired the Canadian and American development teams, and a few days later their colleagues in Brazil and Japan. All staff of MonoTouch and MonoDroid and other key Mono developers fell under staff reduction. Despite this, they still continued to work on the project and provide support without even receiving a salary.

    In this situation, the creation of a new company is perhaps the only way out. Miguel de Icaza says that over the past two weeks they have drawn up an action plan that includes finding venture capital financing and developing the first commercial projects to get a return on investment. Thus, you can save the old team. We already have money for the first months of work, but the company wants to find venture financing to pay for additional work: creating reference guides, API documentation, a dedicated support line, upgrading the bug handling system, training and consulting, and marketing. Previously, Mono’s marketing budget for advertising was zero.

    More details on Xamarin's plans are likely to be revealed at the Boston Monospace conference .in July. Intellectual property issues may be clarified: Attachmate probably has something left.

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