Social Network 2


    It seems that the second part of the Marlezon Ballet series of the film "Social Network" is brewing .
    Someone Paul Ceglia claims to own 50% (84%?) Of Facebook. It would seem that nonsense, how could this happen and where was he before? But let's talk about everything in order.

    Timeline of possible events

    Approval (hereinafter the information has not yet been confirmed): In the spring of 2003 Paul Celia places an ad in Craigslist for the development of the StreetFax project, which Zuckerberg takes on. According to the lawsuit, Mark talks about his project “the face book” and offers to sponsor his project.
    Approval : On April 28, 2003, Zuckerberg signs a contract to develop and The Face Book projects. Under the contract, Mark gets $ 1,000 for StreetFax and $ 1,000 in return for 50% of Facebook. The deadline for the Facebook project is the end of 2003. For each day of delay after January 1, 2004 Sex gets 1% more.
    Fact: Zuckerberg does not deny that in the fall of 2003 he was developing the StreetFax project.

    Fact:In November 2003, Zuckerberg meets with the Winklevoss and Divya Narendra brothers to discuss the project.
    Statement : According to the letters that Paul provided, on November 22, Mark wrote to him that several senior students are planning to launch a similar project and are asking for more money.
    Statement : In early January, the facebook project is not ready yet, and Zuckerberg asks for (and receives) another $ 1,000 to complete the project.
    Fact : Mark tells his girlfriend that he has a friend who pays for the costs of maintaining the servers and can afford to buy any necessary equipment.
    Statement: February 2, Mark writes a letter to Paul, saying that he already owns more than 80% of Facebook, which is not fair, given how much effort he put into the project and asks to return to the original version 50/50. Paul agrees.
    Fact : February 4 earned
    Approval : On April 6, Mark tells Paul that the project is not working, it cannot be recouped, and he plans to close this project.
    Fact t: In July 2004, Mark receives $ 500,000 of investment for his project.
    Approval : July 22, offers Paul $ 2,000 in return on his investment.

    7 years pass and after Paul is arrested for the appropriation of $ 200,000 (!), The police begin to delve into his papers. Then his contract with Mark pops up and he recalls his share of Facebook.

    What evidence does Paul Celia have:

    • The contract signed by Zuckerberg.
    • Email correspondence between Paul and Mark.
    • Copies of cash receipts.

    If this is not linden, then Mark is seriously hit. (You can read more about correspondence here ).

    Who should pour popcorn?

    UPD 1: Video on the topic. The Chinese version sounds more fun.

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