Immoral or social CRM?

    I invite the respected community to express their opinion about the idea and implementation of the social CRM Jet. Everyone is guaranteed to get a test drive. To do this, simply fill out the application on the site.

    In the process of managing a digital agency, I constantly came across questions:
    - Where to get customers?
    - How to avoid loss of information and "tracks" to customers?
    - How and where to store customer information?
    - How to control the sales department and project management?
    Since we had offices in different cities, the question was of particular relevance:
    - How to quickly disseminate information within the organization?

    We needed a CRM system that:
    a) gives customers contacts to sales managers;
    b) saves the entire history of relationships for each client;
    c) allows you to plan tasks and contacts for the client with reminders;
    d) has the means of conducting applications with statuses and performers;
    d) generates reports in any perspective.

    There are decent and not-so-good products on the market that solve some tasks from the list separately. But I did not find a simple and not overloaded complex solution. Initially, only cloud services were considered.

    We decided to create your own. And not only for use by their and friendly companies, but public.

    The main feature of the Jet is the general database of contacts of organizations, the relevance of which is supported by the entire user community. Plus traditional CRM and application management functionality. All this in one place and tied to the client.

    The result was a social cloud CRM Jetka system. At the moment, in a technological interface with almost implemented basic functionality, which is already actively used.

    We urgently need the opinions of professionals and not only people working with clients and leading projects.

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