Firefox Development Director Mike Belzner Quits Mozilla

    Mike Belzner, the person responsible for the development of Firefox, today announced that he will quit Mozilla Corporation after releasing the fourth Firefox and helping the team move to self-development of the fifth version.

    In his blog, he wrote that he will manage the product strategy of a small team of “incredibly smart people developing advanced and revolutionary technologies.” We are talking about the company Dug Software , which is engaged in the supply of software for geological exploration.

    Belzner joined Mozilla Corporation from IBM Canada almost 6 years ago. At Mozilla, he led the development of the Firefox browser. With him, Mozilla released six major Firefox updates - from 1.5 to the very expected 4. With him, Firefox overtook Internet Explorer in the browser market and forced Microsoft to support universal Internet standards. According to various estimates, Firefox now occupies about 30% of the browser market, and this is truly an achievement.

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