Are you lazy? Pay!

    How many decisions have you made but never made? How many times did you tell yourself that you would go to the gym and study a foreign language?

    Probably a lot of times.

    But if your bank account was at stake, would the number of completed tasks increase? Several new companies are confident that you will say yes.

    They literally rely on this. The latest awesome business scheme is a combination of monetary debt and conscience. is an “online commitment store” that sets the price for your goals. If you do not reach them, money will be charged from your bank account and transferred to a charity of your choice.

    Here's how it works:

    You write down your goals on StickK, choose a friend as a “surety” who can track your achievement of the goal, choose the date by which the goal should be completed. Make a bet, choose your favorite charity. All!

    If you can’t reach the goal on time, the rate from your bank account will go to philanthropists.

    Over 63 thousand contracts on StickK have already taken place, which is more than $ 5.9 million in bets. Wander around the site and you will find not only long-term tasks about sports and economy in everyday life, but also “no longer meet losers”, “stop drinking Dr Pepper” and “speak slower for foreigners in New York”

    Million-dollar idea? I am sure that yes - both for StickK, and for charitable organizations.

    by NYT

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