Tablets reduce computer sales

    Statistics were published on sales of computers (desktops, laptops and netbooks) in the fourth quarter of 2010 from Gartner and IDC . The data for the two companies are slightly different in numbers, but they agree in the main: compared with the same period in 2010, computer sales in the United States decreased by several percent - and this despite the fact that the economy got out of the crisis. The main reason experts call the growing popularity of tablets : they are not bought as the main device, but as a second or third device, people began to prefer their laptops.
    Experts also note that there was growth in the corporate market - as far as I understand, this means that the drop in the personal market was much larger than the average figures presented.

    Outside the United States, tablets are still not so popular, and overall computer sales have risen slightly - however, less than would be expected from a world out of the crisis.

    Given that the range of tablets from well-known companies is becoming much wider, in 2011 they expect this effect to intensify.

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