Adobe Introduces Future Flash with AlternativaPlatform App

    The main flash event, the Adobe MAX conference, is in full swing. A few minutes ago, Adobe Technical Director Kevin Lynch finished his speech to a large audience as part of the general session with the saying “Welcome to the Revolution.” Adobe introduced the new Flash player for the first time, using the MAX Racing application, created by the Russian company AlternativaPlatform, for its presentation. Four years of hard work of the team on the Alternativa 3D engine were not in vain.

    One of the main components of the new Flash player is the 3D API, codenamed Molehill, which dramatically changes the look of Flash applications thanks to 3D hardware support. Although the player’s final release is still far away, Alternative is already working on the Alternativa 3D 8 engine based on it. The central demonstration of the general session was MAX Racing, built on the A3D 8 with the joint efforts of Alternatives and the American studio Mythos Labs.

    And the demo definitely impressed! Imagine the level graphics of a modern racing game with reflections, realistic lighting, hundreds of thousands of polygons, a frame rate of 60 FPS, with believable physics ... And all this - right in the browser!

    However, MAX Racing is just the beginning. At the moment, Alternative is working on two full-fledged browser games based on the A3D 8, the demo videos of which are continuously spinning at the company's booth at the Los Angeles Exhibition Center.

    Technical Director Anton Volkov will talk more about the capabilities of the engine and the new flash player on October 27 in a report on Adobe MAX.

    Keep your finger on the pulse of events, so as not to miss the “Revolution”!

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