The world's first video review of portable GPS / GLONASS navigator RIRV NT-1813

    Some information about the world's first portable GLONASS / GPS navigator was already leaking here to the geek magazine , but there wasn’t any detailed review, especially in the video, in RuNet.

    Let me remind you that this is an own development of RIRV OJSC (Russian Institute of Radio Navigation and Time OJSC), one of the founders of the GLONASS system. Before the RIRV NT-1813 GLONASS appeared, it was possible to taste only in the unreasonably expensive Glospace SGK-70 car navigator (which is also the SRI KP SGK-70), widely publicized on federal TV channels on the eve of 2008. Besides him, more navigators have recently been announced, but few have succeeded in testing them or just seeing them on store shelves.

    Full text review here .

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