Two Bluetooth headsets video: which noise reduction is better?

    I think the best noise cancellation is in the Motorola H15 Bluetooth headset, but I recently tested the Jawbone ICON, which uses three microphones instead of the usual two. To compare the noise cancelers, I conducted an experiment: I attached the headsets to almost the same mobile phones (Nokia E72 and Nokia E71) and called from them to the same phones (Nokia 5235). He spoke the same phrase, and the conversation was written to the recorder, after which it was analyzed in Soundtrack Pro.

    The results surprised :)


    Just in case - here is a detailed review of the Jawbone ICON , and here is the Motorola H15 . Under the cutscene - another video, only about H15 with half-naked girls :)

    I note that the Motorola H15 headset is two years old, and at the presentation it was tested in much more extreme conditions: not on noisy Leningradka, but surrounded by half-naked girls with chainsaws and other techniques that mimic the Benny Bennasi "Satisfaction" video.

    Here, sobssno, that same wow video

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