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    Hello, Habrasociety!

    With such a simple post we open the company’s blog on Habré.

    We understand the realities of our world, and we see that more and more issues related to law begin to arise in people using the Internet as a place of rest, and as a way to earn money.

    Today, many are faced with issues of copyright and intellectual property rights on the network, with problems of legalizing earnings, contractual relations between users and owners of Internet resources, performers and customers of various services.

    We will tell you about the protection of intellectual property on the network, show ways to get out of difficult legal situations, describe options for getting out of conflict situations both without a court and court practice in cases involving Internet activities.

    We are open and ready to provide interesting and relevant information on this topic, and we hope that everyone can find something interesting for themselves in our blog.
    And also they would like to receive a feedback from you - what is interesting to you, % username% ?

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