Best Android / iOS Army Apps

    The US Army summed up the results of the Apps for the Army (A4A) contest, in which the best programs suitable for installation on soldiers' smartphones were selected. The competition was held in five categories: access to information, tracking coordinates, training soldiers, actions during battle, and others.

    As a result, the jury determined a list of 25 winners : three in each category and ten more awarded special mention. Of these, 11 programs were created on the Android platform, 8 for the iPhone, 1 for BlackBerry, the rest are web applications. Each soldier of the US Army can install them for free by logging in with his smart card on the website of the army software utilities .

    Among the five winners are exclusively programs for Android and iOS. Perhaps these ideas can be used to develop similar programs for the Russian army.

    The Physical Training Program (iOS) helps soldiers develop their own physical training plans that will fit into the Army Physical Readiness Training standard. The utility contains templates for plans and exercise videos. Developer - Army Communications Center in Fort Gordon, Georgia.

    Telehealth Mood Tracker(Android / iOS) - a program for self-monitoring of one’s mental state for days, weeks, and months using the rating scale of visual analogies. A soldier can track and control his behavior, taking into account the development of certain mental states. Developer - National Center for Remote Health and Technology Monitoring, Lewis-McCord Base, Washington.

    Disaster Relief (Android) allows you to create and edit maps on Google Earth and Google Maps, which are necessary for the organized joint work of many units during civil and humanitarian operations. Most mobile and handheld devices, including PDAs and smartphones, can work in the system. Developer - Center for Engineering Development and Research, Alexandria, Virginia.

    Movement Projection (Android) is a navigation program that allows a soldier to map various obstacles and threats, as well as stops, start and end points of a route, after which he calculates the best and fastest route. Developer - Center for Engineering Development and Research, Alexandria, Virginia.

    New Recruit (Android) provides all the necessary information for potential recruits: a directory of army ranks and insignias, a military news feed, an army physical fitness calculator, and a body mass index. Developer - Arms Research, Development and Production Center, Picatinny Arsenal, New Jersey.

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