Sync MS Outlook calendar and calendar on Android device

    In general, the task is this: synchronize outlook at work with my device on android. It’s not possible to connect the device to the computer via usb, the ports are closed for security reasons (well, it turned out that I didn’t get any security from that, in my opinion). In general, often at meetings, I want the synchronization to be remote. It turns out that it can be done very simply : Google Calendar Sync is hung on the computer - which my calendar synchronizes with Google. The synchronization period set 10 minutes. The built-in droid calendar is very well synchronized with the Google calendar. When I am not at work, and someone puts me in an outlook'e - after 10 minutes, an invitation to a meeting arrives on my device. If I’m not in the office and set up a meeting on the calendar on the device, then after 10 minutes these changes will go to outlook. You can also do this: you start in Google 2 calendars: work (it needs to be done by default) and personal. outlook is synchronized with the default google calendar (work), and the calendar on my HTC is synchronized with two calendars simultaneously. As a result, one calendar, it shows work meetings and personal meetings.

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