BII Unlimited Internet: it may come out, maybe not!

    Stuck here in the country - in Moscow, at least hang out the atmosphere, and in the country - although he could eat, but until he gets there - the stink disappears ...
    Everything would be fine, but it's hard to live without an Internet!
    I put the Beelineovsky modem into the access point and was glad for a week ...

    And then I went to Moscow for a day and realized that I would cook for about a month in the country, because in the city it was full PE ...

    "Well, I think this is a chance to use the Beeline unlimited tariff! "

    So, the initial data: The
    zte 626 modem from Pchelain, changed to "Universalka" for use in Linux.
    A laptop with Bubunta 10.04.
    D-Link DIR320 access point with Olegovskaya firmware.

    All this iron is very good and kindly worked together for a year, and who more - no complaints. I crawled out to No from the modem, connected the modem to the access point - everything is fine ...

    ... Until I got down to Unlimited from Bee!

    For starters - help on their "unlimited": unlimited ends on the second gigabyte, and then brazenly cut traffic! (I don’t ideologically give a damn about this fact, because the dacha is next to Vnukov, and there, according to all Beeline tests, it’s deep ...! So - cut, don’t cut, and 64 kilobits, to which they cut, we are the best times have not met!)
    Well, all this pleasure costs 550 rubles ...
    Yes, I know, 495 is written, but another 50 rubles for the connection, and for more than a month I don’t really need it ...

    First, you need to activate the tariff.
    Two ways:
    1. * 110 * 700 # (but you still need to LEARN the code !!! It is shown as pictures, and if you don’t load pictures for saving - alas! Ah! In general - arrogance! All providers have their own sites for free ... Except for mobile operators!)
    2. Through the site.

    Having decided that it would be more convenient for me through the site in the future, I asked for the password and entered ...
    ... Almost: “We offer you (completely voluntarily) to change the password for every fireman! But then we will not let go without changing the password! But it is ABSOLUTELY VOLUNTARY! ”

    Next, an epic in the style of “Change tariff -> To Unlimited -> Yes, yes, yes! I agree!"
    ... And the page does not load ... I
    repeat the process (the balance has not decreased, the tariff is still old!), "... YES!" and the page does not load!
    I bang my head on the table on the veranda (the connection is really better from the second floor!), From below my parents ask what happened ... I
    spit, load the pictures, find out the fucking code and enter it!
    "Your application is accepted!"
    And silence - a balance request gives out the same amount of 700 with a tail of rubles, and an attempt to go into No breaks off!

    Strength is gone - midnight, it was Monday.

    - In the morning I continued to fuck: “I tapped the wheels, closed and opened all the windows” - the result is zero!
    But the money was withdrawn !!!
    But does not connect!

    I call support for a free 8-800- ... (calls from a modem SIM are IMPOSSIBLE, and the rest I have - Mega and MTS ...), select in the voice menu that I need USB modems, yes, I am the owner, yes, me problems!
    As a result, the secretary picks up the phone, I explain the situation:
    - So you need this in USB modems!
    - So I called there!
    “Well, they connected you in the wrong place ...” The

    bell rang. I explain the next situation, call the number:
    - And you do not need it here! To you in USB modems!
    - Pancake! Where am I ?! Yours also kicked me here!

    Translates the call, explain, call the number:
    - And this is not for you here!
    - PGRR! Is this not modems again ?!
    - Modems! But you have a Moscow region, and this is the Tmutarakan office!
    - RRRRR!
    - Switching to Moscow!
    - "... Everyone is busy, wait just 50 minutes!"
    - YYYYY!

    I'm calling back. I’m waiting for the secretary’s answer, I spell out clearly what the USB MODES of the MOSCOW REGION need!
    - Good, good, I understand you!
    This time, from the second (TOTAL !!!) redirect, I got support.
    Support scratched his head and couldn’t advise anything: “the parameters on the tariff are the same!”

    Assessing the quality of work for the bot as “1-1-1-1”, I call back to the manager (I only needed two redirects!), I explain the situation, I say that since everything was OK before the tariff change - turn back and return grandmas!
    - Your application has been accepted someday and you will have 3G!

    In the evening, I took from his father the SAME modem and laptop with Windows and began to test:
    1. Windows + fathers modem + father Simka = works. So the base station is alive in principle.
    2. Windows + fathers modem + my SIM card = except for jokes, but also WORKS !!! Rave! My modem burned out ?!
    3. Linux + my modem + my SIM card = fig with oil.
    4. Linux + my modem + father's SIM card - everything is OK !!!

    I call in support, from the third call forwarding I get to the right place, I explain the updated data.
    The support with a tangible smell boils away the remains of the brain: to explain why it is SO they can not !!!


    A day has passed ...
    Today they called from support, talked nicely, as a result, in five minutes they found a problem that they could not solve !!!
    THERE !!!
    In all the settings and instructions for both mobile phones and modems from Bee APN, is indicated - everything was and it worked ...
    But ... For unlimited tariffs - you need to write home !!!
    Apparently, the modem program is all in the know and substitutes, but in Linux it is necessary to DRIVE ...

    "The settings are no different!" - ha, ha, ha ...

    PS "Some Biline sent me a message here!" (the phrase said by the mother in response to the information message)

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