How to tame your own dragon

    No, this is not a review of the popular animated film.
    You really can have your own dragon. Teach him commands, control his actions, or even send him on a temporary vacation.

    Let if the dragon in this case is only a program.

    For many, many years, one company has been producing a product that allows a user to control a computer with their hands in their pockets. Turn on the microphone and control the world (digital, of course). And this product is called Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 .


    And something interesting here, it’s easier for me to click the mouse and / or use the keyboard to access the desired content on the hard drive or on the Internet, you say?

    In the open spaces of the ex-USSR, so far, programs have not really taken root, for the management of which you need to know the English language and be able to speak it. But abroad, where doctors don’t like to show their terrible handwriting and adore effective work with patients, they can afford to buy Dragon complete with a wireless microphone and record everything that is necessary for a successful discharge of the patient, so that then you don’t have to worry, just scroll through the audio and View the recognized text. Or lawyers. Or people of other professions for whom a delay in working with large volumes of data is unacceptable and harmful to profit.

    And for people with disabilities, this is generally an incredible help.

    Enough time has passed after the release of the latest version of Dragon, but this allowed the company to make many useful corrections to the product:
    - improved text recognition (99% dictated);
    - Works great on Windows 7/2008;
    - support for 2 or more nuclear processors (real-time optimization);
    - the use of their dictionaries;
    - work in applications Office 2007/2010, Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird.

    And to make it cheaper for the user to work without losing the result, those who have Dracocha 9/10 can simply upgrade and lose nothing.

    To understand what kind of animal this Dragon is, watch the video (with elements of humor): Unfortunately, not YT

    Pruflink on nuance (off site)

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