Another (interesting) budget tablet, but from the Americans

    Kmart opened orders for a 7-inch tablet from a little-known American company Augen: "Gentouch78". Here it is:

    It costs only $ 150 with pretty good specs:
    • 800 MHz
    • 2 GB of internal memory
    • 256 MB RAM (DDR2)
    • SD / MMC card slot up to 16 GB
    • Wifi
    • can HD video

    Of course, the characteristics are not the most powerful, but 150 bucks is pretty good, right?
    Android 2.1 is standing there, how it works - you can watch the video (under the cut, though the review is pretty tedious :()

    as for me - this is the first candidate for an order from the states)) of
    course it’s a pity that there is no 3G ...
    and it’s still interesting, is it possible to solder the memory to a large amount? :)

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