Cow Clicker: game developers mock

    Many suspect that games on social networks are something of a category of stupid entertainment. Developer Ian Bogost (Ian Bogost) decided to prove it in practice. He created the deliberately stupid Cow Clicker game and posted it on Facebook. Cow Clicker currently has 14 188 active users, rating 4.5 out of 5.

    Each player receives a cow and must click on it with the mouse every six hours. To get the right to click more often, you can buy additional loans for money. The social element is implemented through neighboring cows, which can be managed by the users you invite. If you have neighbors, then your click is also added to their rating.

    In his blog, Jan Bogost explainsThat this game was created as a result of a dispute that broke out at a recent conference of game developers 2010 Game Developers between the creators of regular games and those who work in the niche of social networks. According to the former, Zynga and the like use the Fuck the Users design philosophy , that is, they make games whose main functionality is pumping money out of players.

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