Football, soccer, pilaf and cinema

    Last Saturday’s game, thanks to the announcement on the Intel blog , was more than successful - there were almost more people than the first time .

    Unfortunately, there are almost no pictures for the reason, ahem-ahem, the irresponsibility of some comrades. But there is a video and a short story under the cut. And at the same time - plans for this weekend: football, pilaf and cinema.

    When the people gathered under thirty people, they decided to make a small tournament and counted on four teams. After the first round, it turned out that the teams were obviously unequal in strength and we used a different tactic: we appointed captains who themselves chose players. Here was discovered a funny surprise - one of the captains appointed to Habr was not, but from the local guys who have played there every day, and scored his team, too local, which for all the remaining three games tore habrakomandy as tuzik warmer :)

    Captains habrakomand: Cyril toxicmt , Denis and Vitya, who is like ours, because he was still at the first game, but Habr only reads and goes only to those games, the announcements of which go to the main one. In the first game, they could remember him on a Juventus T-shirt.

    With this game, we decided to make football a weekly event, every Saturday night live .

    Well, the traditional video from the game:

    This time, however, without comment - berq22 was on vacation.

    And now - the announcements.


    Football. Tomorrow we meet again on the field at the Academician at 17 o’clock. We play a couple of hours and mobilely transfer the main forces to the ponds in the Vykhino area, where mktums will feed us pilaf. The cauldron is already polished :)

    Pilaf. Pilaf will begin when the hubfootball + hour on the road is over.


    Movie. Recruitment continues on a trip to the cinema at the Beginning. Cinema - most likely Cinema Center on Krasnaya Presnya . Time is a day. If you wish, write to confirmation that there will be quantity if you come not one.

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