Video Reception - Meet the Client at His Home


    Why do companies invest huge amounts of money in beautiful offices, expensive repairs, and talented and pleasant employees? The answer is obvious - so that the client comes to look at all this beauty and then could tell his loved ones that he is a happy client of a good company.
    After that, the same companies invest in advertising, which today can cost truly fabulous money in order to attract new customers. And the circle repeats again.

    Only one question remains relevant - can each potential client find the time to come and appreciate? Hardly. We used to think that a client who did not come is not a client, which is not always true.

    Now try to imagine a situation in which you meet a client still at his home. “How is it?” You ask, but in reality everything is very simple. Give a person the opportunity to make a video call to your office, a specific manager, and think about how much the chances are that a person who just a minute ago decided to call for the first time in his life a company whose offer he was so interested in would become another client. As you know, there will never be a second chance to leave the first impression, so why not make it even at his home?

    Try it and you install widgets on your corporate websiteand give your potential client the opportunity to call your office, find out what interests him and get another satisfied client who will certainly tell about what he has experienced, to everyone in his environment! Unlike offices, repairs and everything else, it will cost you absolutely nothing. A widget hosted on your site will allow you to receive incoming calls for free, easy to install and easy to use. You can use, for example, a hardware videophone (we recommend the Grandstream GXV3140 model) or a softphone (X-Lite, Bria), which are convenient to use, and our company provides the entire service for free. One click - and the video broadcast between you and the person calling you is set.

    The time has come when we erase the verge of space, and your office starts on your website.

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