Ghetto workout

    I work in the office, I spend most of the day at the computer, and at home I often spend time at the computer. This lifestyle does not have the best effect on the physical condition, if you do not devote time to sports. In such heat, the word fitness club is a little sick, although it is not the weather, you need to adapt to the fitness club, the instructor, the class schedule. I always loved the horizontal bar and the bars, but I was not particularly interested in it until I saw these videos:

    Push ups

    Horizontal bar and bars

    Men go in for sports, accessible to everyone and the results come faster than most classes in a fitness club. Ghetto workout is what this movement is called. The desire to maintain excellent physical shape without being tied to any particular place of employment. You are given complete freedom to choose exercises and trainings. All the athlete needs is his own body, the weight of which gives the right amount of load here and now.

    In the USA, there are many disciplines given by the topics of Ghetto Workout (GW), Street Workout and Bar-tendaz. Each preaches its own style, but washed away one lesson with its own weight, fresh air, the freedom to choose workouts. Certification

    example in the Bar-barians clan 40 push-ups on the bars 20 horizontal bar 50 push-ups from the floor

    5 exits by force to 2
    1) each exercise cannot be divided into approaches, that is, to do everything at once;
    2) the outputs should be at the end;
    3) you need to do everything no more than 6
    minutes later Performs Zeph Zaveli

    Guy <from Dnepropetrovsk, very impressive

    * Time, time, time - when I want, where I want, how much I want and do it
    * Save money,
    * Results come very quickly, set realistic goals (10 pull-ups for beginners, what’s not the goal)
    * Easy to do and no need to go through Briefing on how and how it’s understandable
    I did not find any special disadvantages in the Ghetto workout system. It may not be suitable initially for very full people, but you can always start with push-ups and then gradually add a horizontal bar and bars. I will be glad to hear the disadvantages of such training.

    I would be glad if the article helps someone start to engage.

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