Creativity declines for the first time in the USA (Torrens test)

    Every year, millions of people around the world take the Torrens Creative Thinking Test (TTCT). Summary statistics are often published in open sources and serve as the basis for scientific publications.

    Beginning in 1966, when TTCT was invented, the results of Americans have been constantly growing. According to psychologists, this is due to the general complication of life and the emergence of new interfaces. Similar dynamics was observed in IQ tests, in connection with this the Flynn effect was even formulated : for each next generation, the IQ level is ten points higher than the previous one.

    However, now scientists are increasingly inclined to believe that the Flynn effect is no longer valid. It was previously discovered that IQ in developed countries stopped growing in the mid-90s. Now, experts at William & Mary College have analyzed 300,000 Torrens tests and found that the creativity coefficient (CQ) among young people in the US is no longer growing either. Even worse, since the 90s it has been steadily declining, and quite strongly. The worst dynamics on TTCT are shown by children (from kindergarten to sixth grade).

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