About the structure of an open batch

    Hello, habrasociety.
    Continuing the theme of democratic changes , I will try to describe the possible structure of a new type of party.

    So, what goals do we set for the new party? We must:
    • take into account the opinions and wishes of each interested citizen;
    • protect the party from seizing internal power.

    It is pointless to make even an absolutely secure system if it does not fulfill the main goal. Therefore, we first find a way to take into account opinions.
    What can be the wishes of an ordinary person? How can he express his position and show political activity? Highlight the main points. Human can:
    • trivial vote
    • propose a bill
    • make an organizational note
    • comment on something
    • provide important information
    • take part in internal party activities
    • help financially
    • Report a problem for someone to solve.

    You can provide all these features in an “electronic batch”. To do this, you need to create a system of collective blogs and polls, similar to a hubr - it is easy to notice that this system justifies itself, on the main page we see only community-approved and often useful content.
    A simple person, having come to the site, should see a categorized system in which discussions of draft laws, discussions of moderators, and discussions of problems of various topics are clearly distinguished. Voting should be made separately and noticeably, but inaccessible to anonymous and foreign users.
    Each visitor can write about any problem that excites him, or offer a finished project. All these problems and projects should fall into a special section, the “sandbox” without moderation. After the post gets there, the moderator reviews it and decides which section it should be placed in. The approved ones fall into thematic sections, unacceptable (which may include senseless ones, or violating the Constitution and other laws) are sent to a separate section, but still remain publicly available - this will avoid hidden manipulation of the “party line” by the administration.
    Every problem, every bill can be commented by anyone interested. During the discussion, the draft can be adjusted, and the final version put up for universal suffrage.
    Any participant can become a moderator by contacting the administration to appoint “from above”, or by initiating a vote for themselves to appoint “from below”.

    This is a concept in general terms. We will have to write more about voting and election mechanisms. In the meantime, I will go on to describe the structure of the administration - as I understand it, many people are concerned about the problem of rolling this concept to something closed and similar to the CPSU.

    So, what needs to be done so that the internal dictatorship cannot be established in the party? To do this, it is necessary to make the administration’s actions transparent, its powers limited, and responsibility before the people should come quickly and without bureaucratic fuss.
    Transparency of actions and responsibility mechanism is easy to arrange: each moderator or administrator should have a history of his actions, a discussion page, and an analogue of karma. Under certain conditions, for example, with negative karma, an open vote begins for removing a person from his post.
    What about authority? An “electronic party” can be built on the principles of self-organization, which means that the administration does not need titanic work to create content, but only cleans discussions from the trash and hires additional “cleaners”. An attempt to seize power through the removal of “objectionable” posts and the appointment of “their own” will fail, since each moderator has a personal responsibility to the community and will be quickly removed from the post by the efforts of “below” if the behavior is wrong. And he will not be able to prevent this, because both his karma and the votes in his elections are determined by people.
    Actually, what should our administration consist of? There must be people who determine its appearance, there must be people who create its website, and of course there must be people working with its content.
    This structure looks something like this: The Organizational Commission is the people who create the site and support its work, primarily managers, programmers and designers. The financial commission is those who are engaged in both fundraising directly for the party and advising on the budgets of the projects under discussion. Their work is not going to detail. The role of the committees is to structure topics by topics (education, healthcare, general justice, etc.) and by level (what is important in one city remains at the level of local discussion; what matters for the country rises to the federal level ) The committees are equal and independent, but are obliged to exchange information and personnel with each other, if necessary.

    The chairman of the committee appoints, removes and replaces moderators personally, or initiates voting on this issue.

    The coordinator is a special figure, like the president of the country. He acts as a guarantor of freedom of speech within the party. He needs the authority to carry out any personnel changes in the party so that it works efficiently and transparently. He is responsible for the overall performance of the party, so in the event that, somewhere, due to a moderator oversight, a vote begins for a project bordering on a violation of laws, the coordinator should be able to cancel or freeze this vote. Giving the veto to the chairman is still better than enjoying the conversation with the Roskomnadzor or the prosecutor’s office later.
    But the coordinator will be forced to maintain free conditions - an attempt to seize power even on his part will lead to the loss of karma and the loss of position.

    In this post, many important details are not disclosed, since writing an infinitely long, albeit detailed, text does not make sense. If you will like the concept - I will continue, until the preparation of the ToR :)

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