A strange community of smart, kind, responsive

    How do you want to change our lives for the better ...
    About five million alcoholics.
    About three million drug addicts.
    Over fifty million smokers.
    And the Internet can do a lot here. I am about the impact of the Internet on people.

    I want to do an experiment.
    Many people know the site www.nabiraem.ru.
    On this resource we want to unite people who live not on the principle of "I am to you, but you are to me", otherwise - "I am to you, and you are different."
    On this resource, we, firstly, want to teach all people the ten-finger blind method, secondly, we give our school “Learning to Speak in Public”, thirdly, we introduce the basics of psycho-training, offering a course called “Gymnastics of the Soul”.
    The project is commercial. At the same time, we don’t refuse any person who writes us a letter and asks for free access. We emphasize: to anyone.
    In addition to the Russian course of mastering the blind typing method, we gave there English, as well as a version for Ukraine.
    Politicians quarrel, politicians swear, politicians do not understand each other - or pretend that they do not understand.
    And we humans can understand each other - and help each other. Is not it?
    Recruitment training, the course "Learning to Speak Publicly", "Gymnastics of the Soul" - this is only the beginning. We plan to turn our site into a communication resource for smart, kind, talented, responsive and caring people.
    We will try to wean people from smoking. I myself smoked for a long time - and quit.
    We will try to instill in people faith in their own "I" - so that they can do more useful things in this life.
    We plan to take more from Habr. That is, the principles of Habr’s work - when a site develops primarily due to the active participation of readers in its work.
    I wish everyone good luck and joy. And remember: there are no lazy people - there are unorganized, untrained and loafers.
    Why am I writing this?
    Many complain about their own laziness. But there are no lazy ones ...

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