Last puff


    I well understand that many people are interested in smokers: advertisers, tobacco manufacturers, sellers, doctors (the more smokers, the higher the earnings from doctors) and ritualists.

    I smoked for 55 years, and for almost a year I stopped. And hold on!

    Everyone knows Alain Carr's book, An Easy Way to Quit Smoking. And I developed my own way to wean smoking in just a few minutes. And I’m ready to personally do it with anyone .

    Unfortunately, Russia holds almost the first place in the world in the number of cigarettes produced (400 billion pieces per year) and in the number of smokers.
    A study was conducted among programmers. It turned out smoking up to 40%! I think this figure in general among IT specialists can be even higher, reaching up to 60%.

    I would like to make smoking not fashionable. I think that on the Internet it is necessary to organize a large-scale anti-smoking campaign (at least with the help of habrchan). The benefits of it are undeniable.

    For example, create and distribute a series of “nasty” banners. The meaning is simple.
    An old, flabby woman at a table with a cup of coffee and an ashtray full of cigarette butts, with the caption: “Now I do not need to monitor my appearance. I smoke - and I advise you! ”
    Or a smoking bum with an expressive face:“ The last joy in life has remained. Without a cigarette - even into the loop! ”I

    ’m ready to promote all interesting materials on my three sites (whoever wants to can easily find them).

    Who has any ideas? Let's unite. Distances on the Internet are not a hindrance.
    The state allocates a lot of money for anti-smoking campaigns, but there is little sense from them: the budget is being sawn and nothing happens. And we have a strong tobacco lobby.
    But our joint efforts may not be in vain. I am looking for like-minded people whom I am ready to help in this matter by all means.

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