10 outstanding iPad apps that will shock you. (Part 1)

Original author: Brian X. Chen
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Three months have not passed since the release of the iPad, but in such a short time, programmers have already managed to “tweak” 9000 applications for this fashionable gadget. But, like with iPhone apps, there is one problem - it’s pretty hard to find really high-quality and interesting programs in the crowded App Store directory.

We were looking forward to some applications before the release of iPad, this list was replenished after the device entered the market, after which we put together all the applications that seemed intriguing to us. As we tested and plunged into the world of iPad apps, we were able to select some really great software. The list is quite diverse: from a web browser, which is better than the built-in Safari, to a music reader that teaches you how to play the piano.


The creators of this program borrowed the interface from the iPad application for viewing photos, but we are sure that Steve Jobs does not mind. Reeder makes reading news feeds damn enjoyable - while newspapers have not yet figured out how to do it in a quality manner. This is one of those applications, using which you will understand why you bought your iPad.
The reader shows all your RSS feeds in the form of albums, each feed has its own rectangular “cover”. Extend your fingers by touching one of them and you will see a list of headings on the left side of the page and the full text of the article on the right. Reducing three fingers will close the open tape and return you to the main menu.
The application will especially appeal to those who have to read a lot of news feeds in their work. Reader definitely allows you to make reading tapes more enjoyable.
Price: 5 $ Download

Craigslist pro

Craig Newman has not updated the look of his application since the last millennium, but this iPad program has an updated look and makes it easier to use.
Craigslist Pro allows you to automate many tedious things that you have to face when you are looking for a new job, a motorcycle, where to spend the night, etc. on Craiglist. (Global service of private announcements, approx. Translator)
Start by setting your current location, then select a category (for example, jobs, dating or housing) and type a keyword.
The best part is that you can immediately see a preview for each ad below its name. Thus, you can quickly navigate through the list of ads to easily view all the ads at once. By clicking on the ad you can download the full text of the ad and the picture (if attached). In the upper right corner there is a button “Save Search” in case you want to search for something by the given parameters regularly.
A great app for an excellent, albeit outdated web service.
Price: 1 $ Download


Learning to play the piano has always been one of the things that all smart boys did under the pressure of their parents, while regular guys went in for sports after school (Crying). But this app will help make a difference. Etude displays a piano keyboard and plays notes in real time. The main feature: the virtual keyboard at the bottom of the screen plays simultaneously with the song, highlighting the keys that are pressed at every moment in order to teach you what position your hands should be on the piano keyboard. In addition to the built-in, you can download additional scores and lessons.
The application is universal and you can download and run it like on iPhone aki on iPad, but better on the latter, since it reveals the potential of iPad and can be used as a substitute for a music stand and even a live instructor.
Price: 5 $ Download


Apple’s FaceTime technology introduced in iPhone 4 generations, it is possible to make video chats fashionable, but traditional chats and messaging programs are not going to concede. BeeJiveIM was our favorite iPhone app, and the new iPad app is just as great. It features a beautifully crafted interface that makes messaging a pleasure - even on devices without multitasking support. The program has an extensive range of functions, such as: group chat, image sharing and audio chat.
Price: 10 $ Download

Comic Zeal Comic Reader

The iPad's beautiful display makes reading digital copies of comics even more enjoyable than reading paper originals, and this application allows you to easily do this. In it, you can open comic books, i.e. literally, you can download comics (in .cbz or .cbr formats) from your computer to the application via Wi-Fi or via USB.
Some people use this app to read free comics with free distribution, while others can use it to play pirated copies. Regardless of this, Comic Zeal Comic Reader gives you the freedom to read any comics you want on your iPad, without being tied to a specific universe, as in specialized Marvel or DC Comics applications. The application looks very stylish and very easy to figure out. It's nice that if you close the application, and then run it again, you can resume reading from where you left off last time.
Price: $ 8 Download

PS The following 5 applications in the second part of the article.
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