Habrafootball - Live

    Habrafootball begins. Live broadcast on realluk.tv - with a delay of just 5 seconds.

    We play Habr against aborigines. On the left are ours, on the right are local.

    The post will be supplemented.

    10 '1: 0 in our favor!

    15 '2: 0!

    I present the games:

    Habr: we play without shirts,
    in brown shorts - Sergey sponomarenko Ponomarenko,
    in gray shorts - g0ran ,
    on the gates in red uniform - Sc0rp10

    Comments berq22

    The rest I will represent as I get to know :)

    the big guy in the white T-shirt is their captain, Alex. Watch for his impulsive reaction to his team’s game. As berq22 says, something constantly disturbs them.

    As a result, Habr refuted the myth of the physical weakness of geeks - we paid local guys with a total score of 7: 4 for the whole game.

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