Boogie Board - Replacing Paper Notebooks

       At home and at work, you often need to write something down or draw something, while the relevance of this information is calculated in minutes, if not seconds. Usually for these purposes I used PostIt and / or lined notebooks of a small format, which is convenient, but very wasteful, both in terms of money so (well, relatively of course), and in terms of planet resources and other "green" things, and even the courtyard is the 21st century after all =) And I was struck by the Habra news LCD replacement paper notebook and I decided to buy such a thing.



    The official price list .
    The tablet2 pieces$ 59.94
    Magnetic mount2 pieces$ 4.96
    Stylus2 pieces$ 5.94
    In total$ 70.84
    Sending and forwarding (to Moscow)$ 42.50
    Total$ 113.34
    * Data is given from the invoice

    It should be noted that 1 tablet costs $ 35, apparently wholesale discounts =)


       I ordered it on the official website with a set of special stages. In the conditions on the website it is written that the parcels are sent within 7 days and after a week the purchase was indeed sent. Not quickly, comparing with other stores, but in general I was not in a hurry. And then a month later (I think it was not only our mail that excelled) the parcel was delivered to me.

       As it turned out, the tablets themselves came, but they didn’t put magnetic mounts and additional styluses on me, though after contacting the support service they sent me separately. I will wait. The tablets themselves (ordered a pair) are packed in plain cardboard boxes with a label-ring, apparently a tribute to environmental friendliness. But yes, I don’t drink water from the box =) Inside the tablet itself, instructions on one sheet, a cloth for cleaning the screen (very good quality by the way) and a stylus (after going around the site, I still did not understand that it comes with the kit, so for some reason ordered additional).


       The tablet itself is 222x140 mm in size, the drawing area itself is 183x125mm, in general, comparable to a sheet of paper in A5 format. The thickness of the main part is 3mm, the part where the cleaning button and the battery are 6mm. In general, it is quite compact and at the same time there is enough space. The stylus is telescopic, quite thick - 8mm in diameter, length from 117 to 170 mm. The tip is quite thin and hard, like a ballpoint pen, only without a ball. On the tablet itself, there is no place for fixing the stylus.


       It’s convenient to hold the tablet in your hand, but if you put it on the table, it slides, because no legs are provided on the “back”, i.e. need to hold by hand.
       Screen with a matte finish, no prints remain on it. It is also easy to clean. Because it works by reflective technology, it is perfectly visible in the light, in low light the image loses contrast. The stylus slides on it well, but I would like more lightness, now it resembles a solid pencil sliding on paper, apparently the matter is in the material / form of the stylus. The manufacturer promises a scratch-resistant coating, while I am inclined to believe him, there are no scratches from the stylus / nails.
       In general, you don’t need to “adapt” to drawing, writing on this plan is slightly harder, because the lines are obtained, like from a felt-tip pen on paper (thick), and you have to write quite large. The screen is sensitive to pressing force, but I would have made it possible to produce thinner lines with normal pressure. Perhaps I will try to buy a protective film to achieve this.
       When you click on the erase button, the screen clears, the procedure is very similar to rebuilding a page on electronic paper.


       In general, a very successful product, if you are fully satisfied with its functionality. You can draw diagrams, make notes, etc. You can sketch out a shopping list or a little tudu for the future, which I often use so that some working moments do not fly out of my head. Well, or just to draw when you are talking on the phone or thinking about something.
       From what I would like: the ability to erase not all at once, but in the eraser mode, well, the ability to save the image to a computer would also be very helpful. Developers are aware of this and, possibly, in the future such a product will see the light of day.

    • Price
    • Quality
    • Ease of use
    • Environmental friendliness
    • Limited functionality
    • Lines when pressed normally are thick

    Photos by mi55er

    high-res photo with the logo of the Habr, for studying the image on the screen, who cares here (4 meters)

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