3G modem ZTE MF 170 from Beeline to Ubuntu

    A month ago, I bought a ZTE MF 170 3G modem, realizing that I have to play a bit.

    Unfortunately, there was no ready-made solution on the network how to make this miracle of technology work under Ubuntu. Therefore, I had to find a way out myself.

    The first problem. The modem is defined as a CD-ROM drive, and tries to load its Windows programs and firewood. Naturally, nothing comes out of it, and it remains in drive mode. Similarly with other Pchelain modems, this can be treated with usb_modeswitch. The modem is really defined as a modem, and establishes a connection, but it will have to be done every time you connect the modem, and after connecting a second problem appears.

    The second problem. After the connection is established, the connection is disconnected after a couple of minutes. The native program sends every two minutes some secret, unknown to us, AT-command to make the modem work.

    Total two problems and not one sensible solution.

    On gsmforum.ru, I found out that exactly two files in the firmware are responsible for these two flaws: AUTORUN.FLG and NODOWNLOAD.FLG. The first is responsible for starting the modem as a drive at startup, and the second for disconnecting after a couple of minutes. We need to bang them.

    On gsmforum.ru it was proposed to install at least the Orthodox QPST program on a computer with the Orthodox Operating System, and use this program to demolish the files.

    But we, as Tru-Linux users, should not look for friends with a computer with Windows, we need to crank the same operation on Ubunt.Here I read that this can be done using AT-commands:
    AT + ZCDRUN = 8 \ r \ n - to remove AUTORUN.FLG,
    AT + ZCDRUN = E \ r \ n - to remove NODOWNLOAD.FLG,

    For this we need to the modem was defined as a modem and mounted on / dev / ttyUSB1, or something like that. You can use usb_modeswitch once or do it easier. When the modem is detected as a drive, simply right-click on the icon on the desktop and select eject.

    Then we use our AT commands to delete these files:

    $ echo -e “AT + ZCDRUN = 8 \ r \ n"> / dev / ttyUSB1 - delete the AUTORUN.FLG file
    (and if you need to: AT + ZCDRUN = 9 \ r \ n - restores the file AUTORUN.FLG)

    $ echo -e "AT + ZCDRUN = E \ r \ n"> / dev / ttyUSB1 - delete the file NODOWNLOAD.FLG
    (AT + ZCDRUN = F \ r \ n - restores NODOWNLOAD.FLG)

    That's it. Now we pull out and reconnect the modem, wait until it starts to glow blue (means it catches 3G) or green (GPRS). Now you can create a Beeline 3G connection through the connection manager and enjoy 3G Internet.

    PS The only thing is not connected via wvdial. (As soon as wvdial tries to reach ATM0L0DT * 99 # our favorite ZTE MF 170 safely disconnects :) I can’t understand why.

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