Chinese touchscreen phone for 70 cu - what to expect?

    It just so happened that one fine day a Chinese touchscreen phone fell into my hands - a fake analogue of the iPhone. More precisely, from the iPhone there is only a part of the menu design and appearance.

    His name is SciPhone i9 +++. The device was ordered by my friend directly from Chinatown. Cost - 71 cu along with the shipment. On the customs label the shipping cost is 25 cu

    Box with device

    In general, I begged this child to indulge a little. What I want to tell now.

    Perhaps I'll start with general characteristics.

    The device is made in the form of a monoblock with a built-in antenna; externally, it is almost a copy of the iPhone 3G. True, the screen is slightly smaller. Yes, and the position of the Home button and the speaker is similar, although there are differences in a couple of millimeters.


    The assembly is pretty good, there are no cracks, the case does not creak. And, as practice has shown, it’s quite durable. As it turned out later, between the back cover and the front panel there is a steel rim insert, most likely it is coated with nickel.

    Judging by some reports, the percent works at a frequency of about 60 MHz, which is not so much. The amount of working memory barely reaches 2 MB. True, it is possible to install microSD / TF cards up to 8 GB, though I put 2 GB for the sake of the experiment - it worked.

    This child weighs about 135 grams, which in principle is a lot, although the device confidently holds in your hand. Dimensions are 116 x 62 x 13 mm. The back cover is solid plastic. With a 0.3 Mpix camera hole, which in turn shoots frankly, it's just awful.

    The phone is capable of working simultaneously with two SIM cards in GSM 850/900/1800/1900 networks. I tried to put 2 cards at the same time - strangely enough, everything works. It was surprising and at the same time pleased that it is possible to flexibly configure many parameters for each card individually.


    Information is displayed on a 3.2 inch screen with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels with the ability to display 256 thousand colors. The screen is touch-sensitive and, in addition to standard “fingers,” also responds to the stylus, which is supplied as a part of the case.



    To my great surprise, in such a phone there was even a Bluetooth 2.0 module, which at the same time worked correctly.

    The phone came with two Li-Ion batteries for as much as 1800 mAh. Can I believe this figure, I do not know, but with fairly active calls, the device lives 3 days.

    Charging is carried out either via USB, or through the power supply that comes with the kit and is designed for our 220V “native” network. True, the connector on the phone itself does not cause much confidence.

    The kit also comes with a stereo headset with a microphone, the quality of frankly both the sound and the assembly is better.

    In the phone box, I managed to find as many as 6 protective films for the front panel. Films are far from the first quality, but they perform their function well, I immediately applied one to the device.

    Unlocking is carried out by moving the slider, as on the iPhone. Next, we get to the six-page menu. 2 pages is a useful menu, so to speak, the remaining 4 are all Chinese garbage, some java applications.

    The screen itself is quite sensitive, but the performance of the installed chip is small and makes itself felt - in some places it feels like the device “thinks” a little. Although when dialing and entering SMS, this does not appear.

    The phone supports several languages, including Russian, though there are mistakes, for example, “Expiration” instead of “Expectation” - FAST FIVE or just an illiterate translation?

    There is support for GPRS (class 10) and WAP 2.0. There are SMS and MMS - but this is not surprising.

    Pretty handy entry book, organizer, calendar. You can set up to 5 alarm groups at the same time. There is an energy-saving mode - you can set up to 5 time intervals when the device itself turns off and on - for example, at night.

    An accelerometer and a position sensor are also built-in - tracks and photos, as well as screensavers can be changed by shaking, and the photos themselves turn over when changing the position horizontally / vertically.

    There is Java, therefore it is easy to install additional applications. Portable Opera, Jimm, the mobile version of GMaps, as well as Skype got up without problems.

    I almost forgot. Among the standard programs, there is even an TXT E-book reader that supports ASCII / Windows, Unicode, UTF8. However, the mp3 player competently works with the Russian language.

    Of the basic features, there is a calculator, a voice recorder, a world clock, and the ability to play mp3. Even an FM receiver is integrated. I just marvel at the Chinese, how much they all shoved into it for such a price.



    These are such fakes the Chinese can collect for only 70 cu (including delivery).

    So what pleased

    - a good readable screen
    - independent work with two SIM-
    cards at the same time - support for memory cards up to 8 GB
    - good design, but Jobs merit here
    - good PDA-functionality
    - ridiculous price, a little over 70 cu with delivery from China

    And as always, a fly in the ointment

    - a weak processor, which sometimes makes itself felt
    - built-in camera rare g **** and the meaning of it is not clear
    - no mini-jack 3.5 standard and the USB-mini
    - pinout broaching cable for all parties is different, so it is inconvenient to stitch

    course But he can not compete with expensive smartphones, but his price, excuse me for that, is far from that.

    In general, to be honest - I did not expect this from a "fake" and even with such a price. We are accustomed to expect a lot from expensive devices, and they do not always justify the investment, the same device at its cost has shown itself to be much better than not only many models of leading world brands in the same price segment, but also some of the more expensive models the same brands. However, I do not intend to leave this device to myself.

    PS I apologize for the quality of the pictures, there was only a soap box at hand.

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