Devilish contest "Usable web project"

    All categorical Habra hello. If you have come across our blog earlier, you could not help but notice how biased our company is in matters of web design and usability. Over the past eight thousand years of work in the domestic SEO market, we have seen enough of all. There was a steel grip and an eagle eye, allowing without a heat map and other aitracking to determine how usable a particular site is.

    It’s hard to surprise us with anything. But boredom and spleen are the flip side of experience and professionalism. You start to feel like Mephistopheles.


    Therefore, we decided to offer you a contest. We will be totally free to evaluate the usability of young sites, startups and online stores, and the winners will receive a totally free SEO-book and totally freeSEO audit from our company.

    Conditions for participation (in small print, it is not necessary to read, just put a signature):

    1) the site should not be more than a year old,
    2) applications are accepted in the comments on this or this entry, and also by mail:,
    3) term application deadline is July 12,
    4) ALL contestants will receive short comments on the usability of their sites,
    5) the first five sites in our ranking will receive the book of SEO-devil Ivan Sevostyanov “Search Engine Optimization” , published this year by the publishing house “Peter”,


    6 ) the first three in our ranking will receive free audits ABILITY, with specific recommendations,
    7) and, finally, the owner of the most convenient and user-friendly site will win a full-scale SEO audit from our company.

    Web sites will be evaluated by the collective mind of WebProjects. We will announce the results after July 12 in our blog.

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