Financial platform open to developers

    We built, built and finally built!

    The financial accounting service announces the opening of an SDK for creating applications.

    What are applications

    Accounting at Finobox is organized so that user data and services that perform certain functions on this data are logically separated.

    An application is a “black box” in which the end user uploads information and receives the purpose declared by the application:
    black box

    The user connects only those applications that he needs, without cluttering up the interface with unnecessary icons.

    What applications can be

    Applications can be very different, implementing many tasks. For example, which applications already exist:

    Since the Finobox service has gone beyond the borders of Russia (there are users from almost the entire CIS), the scope of work is very extensive. For example, accounts, acts, contracts in Ukrainian, Belarusian, Estonian specifics, accounting for salary payments and reporting on them, and much more.

    Why Finobox Developer

    Finobox, as a platform, offers a simple and efficient application infrastructure. The developer does not need to think about organizing the storage of user data, paying for the application, entering data, and so on. The developer can direct all the power of intelligence to the implementation of the business logic of the application.
    application infrastructure

    After placing paid applications in Finobox, the developer receives 70% of their sales.

    The main thing to start

    For development under Finobox you need five things:
    • SDK deployment computer
    • SDK itself
    • Knowledge of PHP (5.2+)
    • Understanding the rules of building applications
    • Pinocchio lemonade (optional)

    The SDK itself, description and sample applications are located in the Developer Center . Deploying the SDK is as simple as possible. SDK - a thing in itself that does not require the configuration of paths, databases and other things. By default it should work immediately after unpacking the archive.

    We will devote a separate post to the creation of applications, and now in brief, what the SDK looks like “outside”:


    We will highlight a few issues related to end-user data security. All applications are tested and censored before they reach the “counter”. In this way, we, Finobox, guarantee the quality of third-party applications.

    The platform infrastructure is such that end-user data does not go beyond it, unless the essence of the application is in data export.

    Current restrictions

    So far, the development center is working in trial mode. This means that it is not possible to send ready-made applications for placement in a working system. All delays associated with this (agreements, regulations, exchange of details), we will settle within a week.

    Also, while destructive actions to change the user's financial information are not available. These features are run-in and stress tested.


    As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions. For better contact with the public, we launched a forum where you can ask any questions and express wishes.

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