A woman in an accident sues Google

    A certain Lauren Rosenberg is suing Google due to the fact that the route calculated by Google Maps on her Blackberry smartphone took her to the highway, where she was hit by a car. The amount of the claim against the Internet giant should cover her medical expenses of $ 100,000. With the driver of the car that brought her down, as you know, she is also suing. (I think she also filed for the Darwin Prize).

    Although Google Maps displays a warning that pedestrian routes are in beta testing and sometimes show routes without pedestrian crossings and sidewalks, it does not appear on mobile devices. It would hardly help, although it would remove responsibility from Google. Source .


    PS: Comments on the news show that foreign people still have logic. And here the work of a lawyer is more likely. I recall a fragment from the movie “Liar-Liar”, where Jimm Kerry (lawyer) convinces the client:
    “You are the victim.” The circumstances compelled you to cheat on your husband and surrender to the hands of this man ...
    - Seven ...
    - What?
    - Seven people ...

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