Webmoney. Support service. Is there anyway?

    Just wondering, maybe someone has already encountered a similar problem.

    While away from computers and civilization while away from the trip, the x509 Webmoney certificate for accessing the Light system expired. What is noteworthy, warning letters about the renewal of the certificate began to arrive a week after the expiration date. A well-thought-out system, you will not say anything.

    Okay, according to the manuals, I am sending a request to restore an expired certificate with all parameters and details to wmlight@webmoney.ru, where, as promised, they will do everything in the best possible way within five working days. Ten days pass ... and silence. If only they sent confirmation that they say, thanks for contacting us, your request is being considered. I resubmit, again almost a week passes with the same effect.

    In general, attention, the question is: is there a support service in Webmoney for which you can create a ticket for the request and still get at least confirmation of the acceptance of this appeal?

    Somehow strange, a large financial company and so ill-conceived system of working with clients. Not solid.

    PS All obscene expressions had to be strangled by gigantic willpower.

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