Nokia N900: overcoming the next difficulties with firmware (PR 1.2)

    I have been using the Nokia N900 for a long time as the second phone (the first is the iPhone), and therefore, as soon as I found out about the new firmware, I immediately decided to upgrade. Indeed, the new PR 1.2 firmware is certainly much, much better! Knowing that this was not an easy task, he set aside several hours on Sunday evening, and used them completely. But first things first.

    At first I decided to upgrade by air, but again received the mysterious message “Not enough memory in the selected location”. I already wrote about how to deal with this , but the trouble is that now only the difficult way works, and the simple one has ordered a long life. They covered a loophole from such cunning guys.

    Unfortunately, my temperament does not allow me to write many, many teams, and I decided to still find a simple option. I went to, where they reminded me of the existence of Nokia Software Updater . Yeah! Here is the easy way! Download, install, run. The program found the N900, found an update, offered to install, and, after downloading 6.3 megabytes, it stopped with swearing. Like, maybe your USB is wrong, maybe the Internet is bad, or maybe we have something wrong with the server, but I can’t download anymore, try again.

    I tried twenty times, no less. Did not help. And rebooted, and the cable pulled, all in vain.

    I tried to install the program Maemo Flasher, but with her, too, the winery is not easy, to say the least. And so, and so I tried - it does not flash. I emphasize that it is only my crooked hands that are to blame, and experienced guys will most likely have no problems.

    Meanwhile, the Western Internet began to fleece, and found out that the bug with a crash of 6.3 megabytes was global. And they all groan, groan, but they cannot cure. Something glitches on the server of Nokia itself.

    And I thought: what if we take this unfinished crop and replace it with a full-fledged image, available here ? Perhaps the most difficult was to find out where this scrap is hiding. But found. Here is the address:

    C: \ Documents and Settings \ All Users \ Application Data \ Nokia \ Nokia Service Layer \ A \ nsl_service_module_00001 \ vpls \ \ Products \ rx-51

    I replaced the file there, launched Nokia Software Updater again and - lo and behold! - everything was fine. While I didn’t dig particularly deeply, there was no time, but I already found out that with the new firmware the N900 understands USSD requests without dancing with a tambourine!

    I hope this recipe will be useful to brothers on the device. Happy New Maemo! :)

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