Presentation of Visual Studio 2010 in Kazakhstan

    I visited today the Kazakhstani presentation of Visual Studio 2010, as Microsoft called this event - “Microsoft Developer Days, Spring 2010”. In general, it was interesting, even for me, a person quite far from the development process.
    If you describe the program of theses in thesis, it will look as follows:
    • Silverlight is a super thing, Flash is resting;
    • Microsoft apologizes for the sixth IE and at the same time offers to help her get rid of this relic by moving to the eight and, in the future, nine;
    • Microsoft is very serious about supporting PHP in its web server, and is about to release a native driver for connecting PHP with SQL server, and now it offers a tool for migrating from MySQL to MS SQL, but I still haven’t heard anything , which would definitely indicate the feasibility of such a step.

    Well, in essence, that’s all, the rest is trivial: Windows Phone is an incredible twist in which there will be no copy / paste and multitasking support for most applications, except for service ones.
    In the light of discussions about Silverlight and web technologies, a lot of words were said about the “donkey” that I hated, and the guys so tasty told me that I could not wait to dig into the features of the eight, which I did not apply when I returned home. Yes, but in the end, of course, I continue to be faithful to the Opera.

    On May 27, Microsoft is waiting for everyone to present the new Office, sincerely regret that it’s unlikely that it will be possible to visit it.

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