Script to copy files

    It was the simplest task: iterate over the files in the folder, check the name by regular expression and put the files in some other place numbering them in order.

    Example usage:
    ./ --search = "(. *?) \. (Jpg | jpeg | png | gif | bmp | eps | tif | psd) $" --local = "D: \ images" - -remote = "\\ SERVER \ Public"

    If some images are contained in the D: \ images folder, the script will transfer them to \\ SERVER \ Public and number them while saving the extension, for example, like this: 1.gif, 2.psd, 3 .psd, 4.tif, ...

    And this is done because
    * reluctance to put cygwin on Windows.
    * hunting to learn python

    You can look at the help on a script having called with a key -h or --help:
    ./ --help

    The script on a python

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