Infobox + Parallels = Great Web Technology Mix at ReMIX 2010

    Tomorrow, May 21, Infobox and Parallels will present a special offer for the participants of the ReMIX 2010 web technologies conference for the purchase of virtual dedicated servers (VPS).

    All conference participants will be given flyers with a promotional code. Using the promo code, they receive Windows VPS from Infobox and the ability to manage this service through the latest Parallels Small Business Panel control panel at a special price - 400 rubles per month.

    VPS from Infobox is -
    1. Guaranteed "honest" resources without overselling
    2. Work in the familiar Windows interface
    3. Support for all popular web technologies ASP, PHP, Perl, Ruby.
    4. Unlimited traffic without regard to ratios.

    Advantages of Parallels Small Business Panel -
    1. Management of sites, e-mail, files and users without special knowledge, through a convenient and intuitive web interface
    2. Built-in tools for file sharing and collaboration
    3. Automatic installation of free and paid web applications
    4. Built-in site builder

    Annual Web technologies conference “ReMIX” is a traditional meeting place for web developers and technology providers on the Microsoft platform. New technologies, real examples of their practical use, live communication - all this is here at a conference organized by Microsoft. Infobox, being a Microsoft Gold Partner, could not get around this event.

    “Participation in the ReMIX conference is not only an image step for us. This is a real platform for productive communication with potential customers and partners, a demonstration of our advanced products - Windows VPS and email based on Exchange 2010. It is cooperation with partners that allows our company to develop so rapidly. For the joint promotion of our products, we invited Parallels, ”says Alexey Bakhtiarov, Infobox CEO.

    “Parallels is interested in any initiatives of partners, cloud computing providers aimed at ensuring the convenience of ordering and consuming services on demand. Thanks to virtualization technologies, SaaS and, in particular, the Infobox VPS rental offer for medium and small businesses, IT capabilities of the level of large companies become available for very little money, ”comments Alexey Belkin, Deputy Director for Relations with Russian and CIS clients .

    During the conference, at the Infobox company’s work stand, a demonstration of the Small Business Panel and Windows VPS capabilities and a presentation of the mail service based on Exchange 2010 with voice access to mail in Russian will be held.

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