Balancing cube

    Employees of the Institute of Dynamic Systems and Control, Sebastian Trimple and Raffaello Andrea, developed the so-called Balancing Cube. The system is made of an aluminum profile and resembles a star in shape. In fact, it’s like the skeleton of a cube, to which, for complete visual correspondence, it is enough to add six missing planes. Obviously, they were removed so that the work of balancing mechanisms would be visible. In total, the system has six mechanisms that provide the balance of the cube.

    This is one of the balancing modules. There are six

    A balancing cube can stand on one of the vertices or on an edge. DC motors through a gear system are connected to the cube body. Modules with motors are networked, and the controller controls them based on signals from sensors. The cube can even be slightly pushed, this will not lead to its fall. Although the concept is “slightly” extensible - the Balancing Cube cannot stand strong kicks and will fall on its side. You will have to lift it manually. A demonstration of the installation is clearly shown in the video .

    The system in work

    A detailed article about the work of Sebastian and Raffaello (Sebastian Trimpe, Raffaello D'Andrea) is presented on the university website .

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