ZF community meeting in Kiev

    Greetings to the Khabrovsk citizens!

    Within the zendframework.ru community, the idea of ​​organizing local ZF communities arose.
    For this, a section was created on the forum zendframework.ru/forum/index.php?board=33.0
    If you have a desire to participate, check the topic dedicated to your city (now St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev, Donetsk), if there is no city - create a theme.

    And on May 21, in the evening, on the eve of MagentoConf, a meeting will be held in Kiev.
    We are still deciding on the format of the meeting. At a minimum, these are gatherings in a bar / pub for beer / juice.
    But there is another idea. Among the participants will be several speakers from ZFConf in St. Petersburg, this is George Turevich ( phpnewbie ), previously Stepan Tanasiychuk ( stfalcon), and I am Alexander Mahomet ( san ).
    The topics of our reports can be seen here - www.zfconf.ru/2010/topics
    We could tell our reports for those who wanted but could not visit ZFConf
    But for this you need a room with a projector and a screen.

    Therefore, the following questions for you:
    1. Will you be in a meeting?
    2. Would you like to listen to reports from ZFConf or enough lively communication in the bar? (if you know a suitable bar, suggest)
    3. Perhaps you can offer such a room with equipment? It can be, for example, an office in a company, with us respect and PR for you and your company.

    Update: the meeting took place and was successful :) Number of participants ~ 20 people.
    Update2: Meeting Reportzendframework.ru/news-site/zend-framework-kiev-meet-and-mageconf-report

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