Portal: Prelude - open your brain on the eve of Portal 2

    When Portal came out, freshly formed fans of the idea of ​​the game were indignant about the ease and short duration of the passage.
    And on October 10, 2008, an amateur mod came out - Portal: Prelude.


    In fact, the mod was made by one person - Nicolas Grivit. He was helped by 2 more people, but they basically limited themselves to a couple of tips and drawing several textures.
    In general, there are different modes - long, but boring. Short but hardcore. Or just dumb and boring. So, P: P is longer (compared to the original) and very hardcore. There is no longer just logic, but also reaction.
    If you,% username%, played in Portal and passed complex cards 25 times, then you can try to get through.


    Someone may say that this is never a modification, but simply a redesign of the maps of an existing Portal. So it’s enough to play the first one (!) Level to understand that this is far from the case.


    Firstly, the mechanical voice of GLaDOS is not heard. That's because R: R is a prequel to the original story. Events unfold on the eve of the launch of the aforementioned shaitan machine, the consequences of which are already known to us.


    Threefold, the shifted technically interested scientists will lead Abby's actions (it is unclear how he ended up in the laboratories) .


    As with GLaDOS, listening to their skirmishes is a pleasure. Without any hesitation, we are informed that our heroine is not the first in Aperture Science, and mortality is above average. The dubbing was done using a speech synthesizer, and we must pay tribute to the creator - the voices sound very convincing.


    The game has 19 test cameras and, again, the "backyard" of laboratories. Tasks can be divided into two types:
    • You know what to do, but you have no idea how.
    • You have no idea what to do and how.

    In addition, new “aggravating circumstances” appeared in the game: curved gravity, disintegration fields and other delights.
    Unlike Portal, the passage of cameras is not always unambiguous. There are alternative methods to complete the level. In addition, now the doors open not only after completing the task, but also from being close to the door (but do not think that it is so simple to do).

    Contact with Portal

    Abby has to visit the cells in which Chell will later be. However, passing these tests is an order of magnitude more complicated than the original.
    In addition, in the cameras we have to meet our beloved character of the second plan: Weighted Companion Cargo Cube


    In principle, cardinal changes in opportunities should not be expected: the same gray walls, red buttons, and more. There are only 2 portals, again. And the tasks are basically the same: quickly fall into the orange hole and quickly fly out of the blue. Another thing is that here you will have to transfer portals more than once during the flight, for which you need a good dexterity.


    Many expected from R: P the epic GLaDOS launch scene, and the developer did not disappoint: the heroine Abby will have to be present at the same time, and even escape from a crazy car, and even install an unfinished module of "moral principles" into it. Apparently, Nicolas used the idea that creating is harder than falling apart =)

    Spoiler scene:

    As a courtesy, the game includes levels of increased difficulty (to be honest, I have not tried to pass them yet)

    Characteristic dates

    The start of development is January 2008. Initially, a set of maps was developed that were not related to the plot.
    Release Date - October 10, 2008. It was not chosen by chance, but timed to coincide with the anniversary of the release of the Orange Box of Oranges .
    Announcement of Portal 2 - March 5, 2010. The game was announced as the official prequel to Portal. In an interview, Nicolas said that he was apparently the only person on Earth who was not happy about this fact. However, we now know that the events of the second part will occur several hundred years after the end of the first.

    If interested, you can visit the game’s website.
    And yet, knowing what is useful: the official (but not the only possible) passage.

    The cake is true

    The cake is true

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