New Disc and 65 years of Victory

    On, a series of “Gift Edition on the 65th anniversary of the Victory” from the New Disc publishing house appeared on sale .

    For example, the series includes products such as the movie “Jung of the Northern Fleet” + the game “Battlestations: Pacific” or the film “... But the dawns here are quiet” + the game “Velvet Assassin” .

    After the story with the sticker “65 Years of Victory” on the cover of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, it’s not even very surprising.

    Then, however, the representative of the New Disk reportedThe following: “These stickers were made for a series of films on military subjects that we specially publish for the holiday and have nothing to do with games. Unfortunately, the world is not without confusion, and we ourselves got caught when we saw it. [...] The stickers are re-glued, the perpetrators are burnt. ”

    Here, perhaps, those same films.

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