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    This is our first post on the new corporate blog of Ebaytoday, so if something is wrong where you are, we kindly ask, as the saying goes, "do not kick too hard."

    So - we present to our esteemed readers of Habr our brainchild - the project . For over 2 years now, this service has been helping residents of Russia and the CIS easily make purchases not just anywhere, but in the United States of America itself.


    What exactly are we doing:
    1) we help in purchasing goods at eBay auction,
    2) we help to make purchases in any American online stores,
    3) we provide mail forwarding services.

    On Habré we are planning a series of posts in which we will tell in detail about all the subtleties of our service, share valuable experience, give useful tips and advice.

    Well? Go?

    Why is this necessary at all?

    Many habrayuzers have long discovered the secret that most of the goods sold in the United States cost an order of magnitude cheaper than similar products in Russia or the CIS. We will not go into details of why this is happening (we’ll do it better in one of the following posts), but a fact is a fact.

    Thanks to this, today, thousands of Russians independently make purchases in America through the Internet, without asking anyone or asking anyone for help. Indeed, in the fact of acquiring something from abroad there is nothing fundamentally complicated. However, a simple user who is seduced by an interesting foreign purchase will inevitably have to spend some amount of time, patience and money.

    First of all, you need to know English at least at the level of a schoolchild - “good”. You will have to spend several hours embracing with a dictionary (or with an interpreter, if any) - otherwise there is a chance to buy a player, washed with jeans, instead of a new iPod.

    You will also need to create an account in PayPal. And for this you need to have an international credit card - not lower than Visa Classic. Such a card is not so cheap.

    It will be necessary to understand the intricacies of the features of each online store and auction - to know everything about the order process, ratings, packaging and delivery methods.

    In addition, you will have to limit your choice only to those shops and sellers of the eBay auction that provide international delivery, and often the most delicious products are not delivered outside the United States.

    In a word, in order to make profitable and safe purchases on your own, you will have to learn a bunch of new things.

    However, problems in this field can arise for anyone, even the most advanced and experienced buyer.

    What we offer

    We offer our services as an intermediary in the purchase of goods from abroad. With our service, buying in the USA is as simple as if you were living in America. With us, you don’t have to open a PayPal wallet, register in a heap of American online stores, conduct correspondence in English with the seller, solve the problems of payment and delivery of goods - we will do all this.

    You just have to find the product of interest on the site, add it to the order form, pay in any convenient way and watch how your purchase moves from the seller to our warehouse in the United States, and from the warehouse to your home.

    The whole process of buying through EbayToday looks very simple:

    1) select the product you need,
    2) add it to My Shopping on EbayToday,
    3) replenish your account on EbayToday and pay for the purchase,
    4) wait for the courier or notification from the post office.

    Of course, “inside” behind all this is the great daily work of our Russian and American offices.

    After receiving the application, first of all, our operators will deal with the processing of your purchase - they will check the correctness of filling in all the fields (although there are not many, but all of a sudden), as well as the availability of goods from the seller and if everything is correct, they will buy the goods. Then the purchase will arrive at our American warehouse in the town of Medfield, Massachusetts, near Boston. The warehouse, by the way, looks like this:


    Our employees repack the goods at the warehouse and, if necessary, check it. If you made purchases in several stores and if you want to save, you want to send all purchases in one package - they will form one large package from the goods that you specify on the site. From the American warehouse, your package will be sent to Russia or the CIS by one of the three available types of delivery - also of your choice.

    As you can see, all these technical features do not apply to the EbayToday client - all he needs to do is make a purchase and track its progress through the site.

    How are we different from others?

    Now in Russia there are enough services that fill a niche of intermediaries when buying abroad. Many of them act as “helpers,” some take on part of the rough work of buying out and delivering, most are engaged in the resale of clothes and electronics purchased in the USA — they buy cheaper, they sell more expensive. In a word, everything is like in the dashing nineties.

    We decided to create a real serious service that could provide high-quality services, without any tricks. We do not sell Chinese sneakers and beaten macbooks, we help our users purchase what they themselves want to buy.

    First of all, we are not limited to one eBay auction (which may seem from our name), but we also offer to make purchases from any American online stores, from Amazon to Best Buy. Strictly speaking, we don’t limit the buyer to a specific list of stores at all, he can make purchases even in small, unknown shops - nothing will change for him.

    EbayToday eliminates many difficulties with the delivery of things - we ship purchases, including through EMS, saving customers from DHL’s customs nightmares. We can deliver various large-sized purchases - skis, snowboards, auto parts, guitars in wardrobe trunks and any other rather big load.

    We have many payment methods - from the usual WebMoney and Yandex.Money, to the most exotic ones. Here You can see the whole list.


    We have been working on the site interface for a long time and seriously (and, by the way, do not stop improving it for a minute). Any purchase can be monitored at all stages of its implementation, from placing the goods in the basket to the courier ringing the doorbell. We have a competent support service that will always help with advice in difficult times.


    For those who like to make purchases on their own, we provide mail forwarding services - we provide an address in the USA where a purchase can be made. Several purchases made at different times and in different stores can also be combined in a warehouse in one package - so you can save a lot on shipping.


    How much is it?

    EbayToday services will cost you 10% of the order value for goods over $ 100 and $ 10 for purchases worth less than $ 100. More information about prices for basic and additional services can be found on our website here . To calculate the purchase price, we also have a convenient calculator:


    Is it safe?

    In general, yes, but there are, of course, their own characteristics.

    For example, large online stores value their reputation, so the risk of getting a marriage from there is almost zero.

    With eBay, the situation is more complicated. At an online auction there is always a certain risk of running into a fraudster who, instead of an iPhone, will send his beaten version or three rolls of toilet paper. However, such cases are rare enough, and in order not to become a victim of fraud, it is enough to follow simple rules of caution.

    Mail can fail - it happens that the brave workers of this deliver the packages for too long. However, recently the situation with this has practically improved.

    When making large purchases more than 10,000 rubles or buying something suspicious, various unpleasant questions may arise at the Russian customs. But if you correctly and honestly filled out the customs declaration and did not send 10 kilograms of cocaine in the package, then these difficulties are most often resolved after a visit to the customs terminal.

    So, although there are some difficulties at times, but for the most part they are completely solvable and the process of shopping in the USA using EbayToday is a simple, pleasant and useful exercise for you and your wallet. We think that more than 50,000 successful purchases of our customers are a clear confirmation of this.

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