HTC Desire as the operational center of the system administrator

    I met HTC Desire myself yesterday. However, I communicate with his brother, HTC Hero quite tightly for several months, and really tightly (my colleagues and I are engaged in the development of software, including for this platform).

    There are already a lot of laudations and other reviews on Desire, but I, even before my intention to acquire a communicator, had a clear intention to acquire what could be done with a mobile operations center.

    Below are the first impressions of using the device specifically as a similar control center.

    Addition : ceteris paribus, I personally prefer the U * ix family OS, hence the choice of the communicator model.

    1. General impression. Auspicious. Both from the appearance and convenience of the interface as a whole and TTX in general, and from the novelty of iron and the standard OS in particular (the kernel 2.6.29 is fairly recent).

    2. The problem of fast discharge of the batteries is unlikely to bother me (I look at the dynamics of discharge). I don’t have a habit of playing music on my device for a long time (on the road I’d better listen to music from the player), watch a movie on it or “hang” on the Web in IM and other services.

    In addition, almost everywhere I spend a lot of time there is a computer, therefore - there will almost always be free USB, therefore - I will put the communicator on charge if the battery is depleted. And for intervals of several hours, when you may suddenly need to go online (almost everything I do in such urgent situations is done from the command line), the battery is enough.

    3. The minimum required software . Than to read e-mail, documents (text, PDF), than to look at sites, is - it is standardly preinstalled.

    What else is needed for work:
    - SSH client . As far as I understood, ConnectBot is quite convenient
    - a Jabber client . So far I have settled on Meebo
    - synchronization of contacts and tasks - by regular means, synchronization with the address book and Google calendar; There are different versions of Notepads for quick creation of notes.

    As a result, we get not too heavy, a rather convenient mobile of the system administrator. Exchange with a computer is simple - there is a connection mode as a disk, for synchronization it is enough to write the desired shell script for a short time.

    The only thing that turned out to be not very convenient was the preliminary transfer of contacts and other data from the previous phone, Nokia 5500. I could not find any shorter paths than Nokia - PC Suite - Outlook Express - HTC Sync - Desire.

    Unresolved issue: Truecrypt port for Android.

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