Droidcast Issue 1

    imageI propose to the court all interested in the mobile operating system from Google a new podcast. It will focus on games and programs for Android OS.
    In the first issue for you an overview of software and toys over the past week, detailed reviews of which have flashed on the site droidnews.ru . Droidcast - a small peculiar summing up.

    In this issue:
    Virtual Beer Free - virtual beer or "with Android, even into the desert."
    LjBeetle is a client for ZhZhnik.
    IM + Lite or "always available, always in touch."
    MTS TV - television for a freeloader.
    TaskPanel - manage with memory.
    Tweetcaster - Win Twitter.
    We play: Slugs reboot - they will suck your brains.
    Andromax is the personal doctor of your phone.
    HelixLauncher or - "plastic surgery for your system."
    Asphalt 5 - new game standards for Android.

    Record turned out at 11.7 Mb.

    Since this is a debut, we hope to help the reputable community find all those places that can be improved or corrected for the next release.
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