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    While the holidays are on, and many have left to rest, I don’t want to write about anything particularly serious. Therefore, today I would like to publish blatant lies statistics of our platform of online services ABBYYOnline ! Moreover, since today is Friday, the statistics are absolutely useless. But hopefully entertaining.

    What does the user do first on the site? Correctly registered. And to register, he needs to enter e-mail and nickname. We do not require the uniqueness of nicknames and not so long ago I suddenly became interested - what nicknames do we have the most?

    As it turned out most of all we Alex 's - as many as 311 people. Next comes a whole layer of nicknames in various forms. The first “nameless” is located at 76th place and it is 123 with 45 users. Then the popular pseudonym vilka unexpectedly wedges into the names and painfully familiar qwerty (they share 92nd place with the result of 37 users). There were not so many lazy users: 1 (24 users and 151 places) and A(22 user and 154 place).
    Eh, such statistics on passwords would be collected ...

    Okay, let's not think about other people's passwords, better look at the mail. The most popular mail domain among our users was (18069 users). With a wide margin, he was ahead of the closest pursuers (10721) and (6074). On the next line is with a result of 3388 users. The most popular service for spam mail was (136 people and 16th place).

    Now a little no less useless statistics FineReaderOnline'a. The most popular name of the files that users upload to us is 1- 4828 files. Next come 2 and 3 with the results of 3667 and 2453 files, respectively. Almost reached the podium so beloved by MSPaint'om Bezymyanny (2091 file). Next are 4 (1847), Image (1786), Scan 001 (1712) and IMG (1442). If you study the list further, then for a long time various combinations and continuation of the trends set by the already voiced names will go on.

    And, of course, statistics about file extensions. jpg turned out to be more popular than jpeg 'and 50 times - 175556 files versus 3569! tif is more popular than tiff'and in 21 (16561 against 768). And only people love djvu more in its four-letter form than in short djv , moreover, 169 times (847 against 5)!
    And a little bit of exoticism. The rarest extensions of user-uploaded image files are jp2 (40), pcx (17), djv (5) and j2k (1 !!!!).

    PS Have a nice weekend!

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