Put.io has left beta and is open for registration

    I hasten to please someone, and to upset someone. Wonderful online seedbox Put.io today left the beta test stage and opened its doors to new visitors. Now you don’t need to beg for an invite on the Internet or monitor twitter for days , waiting for distributions, in which 300 pieces fly in 10-15 minutes.

    I will briefly tell about the project to those who do not know what is at stake.
    Put.io is a project that allows you to download torrents to your server at impressive speeds. The maximum that I observed firsthand is 18 MB / s. For me, as a resident of Belarus, this is just cosmic speed. After the download is completed, you can upload files to your hard drive or watch the video (if that, of course, was the contents of the torrent) in streaming mode using a browser or any player.

    In addition to this, despite the fact that Put.io is positioning itself as a torrent download service, in fact the range of its services is even wider - the service also supports Rapidshare, and can be used as an online backup tool.

    It should also be noted that after uploading your torrent file, it remains on the distribution until it is distributed as much as it weighs. Those. in fact, this is an online seedbox with the only drawback (is it a drawback?) - distribution to a coefficient of 1. Which doesn’t look very profitable in comparison with the domestic Torrentics project , which allows distributing without restrictions.

    What do I want to upset? The fact that, unfortunately, registration is free, but there will be no free accounts. For everything, even the most modest tariffs, you have to pay. Let me remind you that while the project was in beta testing, it could be used for free. New prices:


    In conclusion, I will say that all beta testers who bought any account, Put.io gives an additional 100Gb Extra Bandwidth.

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