Wireless Data Centers

    On April 1, 2010, the notorious hosting company DreamHost published several hitherto unseen photos of the dark corners of its data centers in its official blog .
    Sometimes, when a server dies, it is easier to leave it there and reuse its network cable without reconfiguring anything. And sometimes it’s very difficult to stick a new cable where it should, so you have to stick it on top of the rest. It's simple, it works, and customers will never need to know about it.
    Glands drown in a sea of ​​cables and become physically inaccessible.
    The only significant cosmetic change that data centers have undergone over the past 20 years is the size of computers. And maybe the colors of the cables.
    But so it was before!

    DreamHost Presents Wireless Data Centers !

    In their data center in Los Angeles, they replaced, without exaggeration, thousands of miles of Category 5 and Category 6 cable and fiber with a large number of 802.11n USB wireless adapters.

    This project was called “Dang Dongs“ (short for “Dangling dongles” - hanging / hanging wireless adapters).
    All old cables were disposed of.
    Now you can go through the data center safely under a cable avalanche.

    Now Ethernet issues are a thing of the past. 802.11n is the future, and the future is now.
    In this new router from Linksys is written: «stream stored music to devices around your home» ( pass stored music devices in your home circle - English.). Imagine how quickly he will discuss sites. It must be very decent.

    Soon, DreamHost promises an official report on innovations and a few more photos.

    Free translation of the entry from the DreamHost company blog.

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