Cybersquatters present passport on April 1

    Starting April 1, 2010, all domains in the RU zone with undocumented owners pass into the status of “UNVERIFIED”. This applies to all domains, including those registered before October 1, that is, before the entry into force of the new rules.

    Obligatory identification of buyers of RU domains was approved in the framework of the new Rules for registering domain names in the RU domain in July 2009 and was introduced on October 1, 2009. “New requirements may be directed against cybersquatters that seize domains for further resale. Now, before selling the domain name, they will have to provide identification data, ” explains Tatyana Menkova, an analyst with Finam Investment Company.

    The registrar can at any time request the owner of the domain the necessary documents to confirm his identity. If the domain is in the “VERIFIED” status, then they give it ten days, if “UNVERIFIED” - only three days. After the expiration of the period, domain delegation is suspended.

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