Release of OpenSSL 1.0.0 with support for GOST

    After 11 years of development, OpenSSL released the first official version of this open source cryptographic package for working with SSL / TLS. See the official post .

    OpenSSL allows you to create RSA, DH, DSA keys and X.509 certificates, sign them, generate CSR and CRT. It is also possible to encrypt data and test SSL / TLS connections. The new version fixes a lot of flaws 0.9.8n, and also adds new features (for example, support for BeOS and Russian encryption algorithms, fixed in GOST). See the full list of changes here .

    The OpenSSL package is based on SSLeay technology, written by Eric A. Young and Tim Hudson, who unofficially finished working on it in December 1998, after which they moved to RSA Security.

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